Gold Sponsors

Silver Sponsors

Diamond-Like Carbon Industry Association

EDP corporation


Bronze Sponsors

Shoko Science Co., Ltd.

The organizers of NDNC2020 invite and warmly welcome sponsors. Sponsors will have the opportunity to advertise in the conference proceedings (A4 size) and at exhibition booths at the conference venue.

We offer 3 type of packages for sponsorship as below:

  • Gold: JPY150,000
    Two-facing color pages or one-color page on the back of the cover including one complimentary registration.
  • Silver: JPY100,000
    One color page including one complimentary registration.
  • Bronze:  JPY80,000
    A half color page including one complimentary registration.

*All sponsors’ logos are acknowledged on the official website.

  • Booth Exhibition (optional)
    An extra cost of ¥50,000/1 booth exhibition for Gold, Silver and Bronze sponsors. (E.g. Gold sponsor with 1 booth = ¥150,000 + ¥50,000 =¥200,000.)
    The booth will be located close to coffee and snack areas. Changing the representative daily is allowed without costs.


Please submit the application form via e-mail (ndnc2020@pco-prime.com) or Fax (+81-3-6277-0118).



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